The receipt must be retained for collection of the handset that has been repaired. The price must be paid in full before the handset is collected. 14 day warranty is provided for the repair. The warranty is void should we believe that the handset has been subject to neglect, unauthorised tampering or physical damage. The handset will be tested in front of you before the repair to make sure the handset is fully working and there are no other faults with the handset. When you collect the handset we ask you to test the device to make sure everything is still working correctly. Any fault there may be found after you have collected the handset we would not be held liable for. In case a handset is unusable and cannot be tested before the repair we would not be held liable for any other faults with the device. Note: if the handset has previously been water damaged, we will not be held responsible for any other fault which is discovered after it has been repaired in our workshop. If the handset is discovered to be water damaged during the repair then the technician has the right to refuse to carry out the repair. You have 90 days to collect your handset after the repair. If it is not then the handset will be sold to cover the costs of the repair.

The term “unlocking” means removing the SIM lock from the handset in case the device is restricted to one service provider. If the handset that was unlocked by us is found to be blacklisted you will still be charged. It is not the responsibility of our staff to check if the handset is barred; it is the responsibility of the customer. If you have a 2G handset, a Three Network SIM card will not work in it. If you are in any doubt then please ask a member of staff before handing your handset over to be unlocked. Please make sure both the SIM card and memory card were removed before handing over the handset. We will not be responsible for loss of either SIM or memory card. The term blacklisted means the handset is blocked due to unpaid bill or the device has been reported lost or stolen.

Selling a phone
If you are selling a handset to us then it is required to provide a valid form of I.D. with your address on it. We will only accept handsets with a compatible charger. Please let us know if there is a fault with the handset as it will save time and effort for both parties. Note: it is a criminal offence to sell a handset to someone knowing that it is blacklisted (barred). If you sell us a handset and it is found to be blacklisted then your details will be passed on to the police.

Returns and Refunds

Electrical goods
Electrical goods come with a one year warranty. The item can be returned if there is a fault. The item can be swapped for another of the same item or for an item of same or similar value. There is a two week period in which the item can be return for a full refund. It can be returned if the item is faulty or unused as long as the receipt for the purchase is provided. There is a sticker on the product which is proof the product was purchased from our store. This sticker must be kept on and not tampered with.

Batteries come with a 3 month warranty. The item can be returned if there is a fault. A battery can be swapped for another battery or for an item of same or similar value. Within the first 2 weeks after purchase the battery can be returned for a full refund if the item is faulty or unused. There are two stickers on the battery: one being the warranty sticker with the purchase date written on it and the other sticker is our proof of purchase mark. Both must be kept on and not tampered with.

All the handsets that we sell come with a two week warranty. They can be returned for any reason such as the item found faulty, unused or unwanted or the customer is not satisfied with the product. The handset can be swapped for a handset of a similar value but will not be refunded. If possible, faults with the handset can be repaired if wanted. All the handsets come with chargers and in some cases with a box or accessories. In case of a return of a handset, the additional items must be returned as well. All returns must come with the receipt as it contains the information about the purchase.